Frequent Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

We offer reasonable pricing health care plans, insurance packages based on financial conditions of clients.
01. Can I tour in person?
*Yes, please call 612-913-9934 to schedule an appointment or you may book an appointment online here
02. May I attend care conferences meetings with the team?
*YES, be a part of the care plan.
03. Is a cork board or whiteboard provided for posting calendars, reminders and pictures?
*We will have a calendar available in the activity room (or they can have their own).
04. Are bedding and towels provided?
*Families provide the bedding and towels.
05. Is the laundering of linen included?
*Yes, we do all laundry, including bedding.
06. Should we label everything with his name?
*Yes! Label all clothes.
07. Is the laundering of personal clothing included?
*Yes, we do all laundry for your loved one.
08. Can we paint or decorate their room if it is easily removed?
*Yes, feel free to decorate and paint so it feels familiar.
09. Does she have a closet for clothes and storage for decor items?
*There is a closet, but when deciding what to bring, less is best.
10. Does someone help clean his room?
*​Staff will clean one time a week or as needed.
11. Do they provide a wall clock, TV or any personal care products?
*All furnishings come from home, to make it feel like home.
12. Does my loved one’s room have cable, and is it included in the monthly cost?
*Yes, basic cable is included in the rent.
13. Is there public and/or secure WiFi access available?
*Yes, we will have WiFi available for residents and family.
14. Are there computers or tablets she can use? Are they monitored so my loved one won’t get scammed? Do you have a printer?
*We will have tablets that can be used, and we have the team to help. We have software on our provided electronics to prevent viruses and hacking.
15. Do you provide a television?
Every room is equipped with a TV
16. Do you have a list of referrals/reviews?
*We are happy to share our list of referrals/reviews and help with resources.
17. What if he refuses to eat, what do you do?
*There are many reasons someone may not want to eat--type of food, smell, temperature, dining room is too crowded, etc. He may no longer know how to use utensils, so he needs finger foods. Some strategies we would use include playing his favorite music 20 minutes before eating, giving him a lemon drop (gets saliva going), making sure he can see food--contrast colors: if he loves mashed potatoes, we put them on a colored plate. We never force or argue, but set a mood for positive interaction. He may need a hand over hand help.
18. Can you bring a small refrigerator?
*The kitchenette in the apartment has a small refrigerator.
19. What are the protections to keep my parent from being abused? Or things being stolen?
*We are mandated reporters. The policies for abuse are a part of the team's onboarding. Often with dementia things get thrown away or “lost”.
20. ​Does each room have its own thermostat?
*We use central heating

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