Frequently Asked Questions

Hiring Process

Please take a look at our referral process below.
01. Interested in a position at Gentle Haven?
Here's our admission process
02. First things first...please email or fax client related information to Gentle Haven
Email: or send via our Secured fax line: 612-446-5500
03. What documents should I fax or email to Gentle Haven?
① MNChoices Assessment; ② Coordinated Service and Support Plan (CSSP); ③ Psychiatric or diagnostic assessment; ④ Hospitalization notes; ; ⑤ Medical and mental health history notes; ⑥ Behavioral assessments and support plans; ⑦ Psychological/neuropsychological assessments; ⑧ Civil commitment orders; and/or ⑨ Provisional discharge agreements; and/or ⑩ Functional assessment
04. What is the timeline for review of documentation?
Please complete the form here

05. How soon does it take to get an answer about my move-in date?
We will keep you informed throughout the process. Typically, after the initial assessment, our admission team completes and submits a rate sheet necessary for the services that will be provided to your payer.
06. Move-in Date
Once the rate has been approved by the County and Gentle Haven, our admission nurse will contact the Case Manager to schedule the move-in date and time.
07. I want to schedule a tour to Gentle Haven
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