Frequently Asked Questions

Referral Process

Please take a look at our referral process below.
01. Are you looking into referring a client/resident to Gentle Haven?
Let's get to it, here below are the steps...
02. First things first...please call, email or fax client related information to Gentle Haven
Email: or send via our Secured fax line: 612-446-5500. You may also chat with us online via the chat app below or call us at: 612-913-9934.
03. What documents should I fax or email to Gentle Haven?
Please share with us at least three of the following documents listed for us to get started with developing a care plan for the client/resident: ① MnCHOICES Assessment; ② Coordinated Service and Support Plan (CSSP); ③ Psychiatric or diagnostic assessment; ④ Hospitalization notes; ; ⑤ Medical and mental health history notes; ⑥ Behavioral assessments and support plans; ⑦ Psychological/neuropsychological assessments; ⑧ Civil commitment orders; and/or ⑨ Provisional discharge agreements; and/or ⑩ Functional assessment
04. What is the timeline for review of documentation?
Our admission team will review the information submitted and determine if one of our homes is an ideal fit based on the level of care services needed. We typically respond with an initial determination within 1 - 2 business days of receiving referral documents that give our nursing team a comprehensive look into the level of services needed by the client/resident.
05. How soon does it take to get an answer about my move-in date?
Hang tight! We will keep the case management team informed throughout the process. Typically, after the initial assessment, our admission team completes and submits a rate sheet for approval of services to be provided at Gentle Haven.
06. Move-in Date
Once the rate has been approved by the referring agency/County and Gentle Haven, the Clinical Nurse Supervisor will finalize with the Case Manager the move-in details (move-in date/time).
07. I want to schedule a tour to Gentle Haven
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08. Looking for the referral intake form?
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